Live” Training sessions are included with your membership. Your will take part in live sessions with real, full time professional traders.

forex mentor pro

Forex Foundation Video Course

They have members of all skill levels joining them. Some of these traders have been active in the industry for years and looking to become even better traders. Other are the beginners that want to start on a strong foundation and be taught all the necessary basics needed to get started.

The video course takes you by the hand, step by step and show you everything from setting up your trading station to basic technical analysis they use in their daily trading sessions.

3 Powerful Forex Trading Systems

Full access to the same powerful trading systems, they are using every day to become profitable in the Forex market.

Daily Video Analysis Of Trade

Watch on video as they strategize and plan every trade in advance and explain what we are looking at with each trading system.

Private Members Forum

Meet other members and ask questions, Learn and engage in their forum to become a better trader

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the Cost is $47/month.

However you can cancel your membership at any time during or after the trial period. They have a $1 for 7 days trial that gives full access test their systems, service and methods.

They trade and offer with 3 different Trading Systems

STT – Simple Trend trading

The STT (Simple Trend Trading) system is a unique price action driven trend trading method which is specifically designed so you can trade without having to look at your chart the entire day.

This system is the foundation of most Forex trading systems including their M1, M2 & Earth & sky systems.

M1 – M2 Trading System

The M1 Forex system is a day trading system centered around London Open, you do not have to be in the same time zone to trade this, thou it makes it easier.

The M2 Forex system focuses on a longer term perspective of the market and teaches you how to set what we call trading traps to catch pullbacks in a trend at high probability areas.

Earth & Sky Trading System

The Earth & Sky trading system is a l swing trading method focused on medium to long term trading. By utilizing weekly fib levels and certain moving averages this system allows you to predict market swing point often days in advance.

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