12trader Review | Broker with Quality Signals

12trader Review | Broker with quality Signals

  • Name :12Trader12trader forex broker for trading signals and recommendations
  • Website :www.12trader.com
  • Established :2013
  • Regulation :None
  • Country :United Kingdom
  • U.S. Clients Allowed :No?

12trader it provides quality signals to its traders.

they call these signals recommendations. . These recommendations are the easiest way to understand for new traders how to trade went to trade and want to trade. They provide all their clients the necessary recommendations that will help bringing in winning trades.

Recommendations are based on the complete analysis technical and fundamental of the current market's status.

their experts provide a recommendation with solid and strong entry and exit points. And each recommendation that is provided is only done is only given out after they have reached the highest degree of certainty that they recommendation is correct.

There are of course no guarantees, but statistically you will find It's worth it to follow these recommendations. They have a lot of experience in providing these signals and have proven overtime that these recommendations have great value.

 Now it's up to the trader to decide whether they want to follow the 12trader signals and use them or ignore them altogether.

Our advice is to use these trading signals as a guideline. At no time should you just trade, according to. Any single service, you always should use it just to see and verify if it is verified. The strategy that you have set. If it follows the market, according to other signal services. I myself use 3 services  and the moment 2 services give me the same signal, I will have a good indication what the market is doing. then together with my own  Technical analysis. I reach a conclusion on what to trade went to trade and how to treat.

Receiving proper signals does not mean that you have to stop learning this broker understands that you need to study. Therefore, they provide one of the largest most detailed. Trading academy's in educational tools in the industry, you will find everything you need in order to become a better trader.

12trader Trading education

12trader Understand that education is key!

they offer and large number of tutorials about Forex Trading, market analysis, trading psychology, training strategy and many other related subjects.

The quality of their educational. Service comes from years of experience. This experience gives them an advantage to teach a new trader how to approach the market in the smartest way possible.

There's never been a trader, that woke up one day and understood market and  started making huge amounts of money. This takes effort. This takes patience and this takes skill.

These skills are something that you as a trader need to acquire for that you need a broker that offers exactly those tools.

12trader forex broker

12trader Trading Platforms

To make sure that  their traders are able totrade without any hassles or problems, 12Trader uses the advanced web based SIRIX powered trading platform.

The beauty of this trading platform is the fact that no download or software installation is required in order for the trading platform to work. The platform comes with a charting package and a wide range of technical indicators that enable traders to stay updated with all the developments in the market. For the convenience of traders, the trading platform also supports one click trading.

For beginner traders who are unfamiliar with the markets, they can make use of the social trading feature on the platform to help them shorten their learning curve. Traders who wish to trade on the go can also do so with their mobile devices and smartphones by downloading the mobile trading apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

What can i trade with 12Trader

The 12Trader Broker has a wide range of different financial products that you can trade in, these include the common currencies, stocks, gold, oil as well as CFD and now also cryptocurrencies.

. Many people choose to trade in currencies and gold but a number are also learning that they can make just as much money trading in other products thus our review observes that 12Trader provides a variety of products to suit different demand.

the cryptocurrencies that you are able to trade are  the most popular cryptocurrencies:  BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, RIPPLE and more!


Customer Support

There are 3 different ways you can get in touch with 12trader. which include live chat, email, and phone call

altogether the sdupport is knowledgable and friendly enough, since i talked to them throoughenglish i cannot jusge this for other languages but everyone i tlaked to knew their business and were able to transfer me the moment they got stuck answering  question. ( sometimes i really go deep in my need for answers 😉

altogether they provide a proper support and i feel you will be treated fairly.

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