Ayondo Social Trading Network

Ayondo Social Trading Network

Ayondo Social Trading Network was Launched in Germany in 2009,

Ayondo is currently one of Europe’s fasted growing social trading networks, though their client base seems to expand outside Europe as well. Their aim is to connect investors who want to benefit from the success of other traders with (what they call) their “Top Traders” via an easy to use interface and trading platform.




Ayondo Social Trading Network Trading Conditions

The broker spreads offered on ayondo markets are some of the best you’ll see among the brokers so the spread you’ll get charged when you follow and copy other traders is very acceptable

UK and Ireland customers can also sign up for an ayondo spread betting account (something popular in these countries for tax purposes).

In addition, on December 1st 2015 ayondo also announced their free insurance policy which protects client deposits in personal accounts for up to £500,000. 

this exceeds the insurance you will find in pretty much any other place and goes well beyond the existing Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection of £75,000.

Follow Top Traders | Ayondo Social Trading Network

copy other successful traders. Currently (last updated May 2016) the total choice of traders you can follow is just under 1,900 with about 100 of those having more than 10 live followers . Some of those Top Traders are however fairly seasoned traders with already over a couple  years trading history on Ayondo.

since you as an investor most likely will not be following 1500 traders this does not matter that much ,  better is to find those few good ones instead of many lesser nes. here the paradox of choice does not apply.

Traders on Ayondo can trade on a wide variety of CFD instruments. These include over 30 forex currency pairs ( as yet no cryptocurrencies so not Bitcoin and others) , the major US, European and Asian indices, interest/bond rates, precious metals and a solid choice of individual shares (e.g.  McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc).

to start is very easy which ofcourse one of the sales points and there is just enough activity there to keep you interested.

there are in total 14 parameters that will decide for you what your top traders would be and which you should follow. by adjusting these parameters to match your trading style or investment requirements you get to your golden list


With ayondo you can follow and copy up to a maximum of 5 traders in your portfolio. If you would have 5 traders selected in your ayondo portfolio, by default you would follow each trader with 1/5 of your capital, and their trades are proportionally copied based on that amount. However for each trader you can also select the ‘order sixe’ (0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, … , 10x) which allows you to decrease/increase the leverage and risk you take when copying a trader.

Once you’ve started copying a trader in your account it’s easy to monitor your progress from the ayondo interface. You can view your over profit/loss, review all current open positions and (if you like) can close positions manually from the same interface.


So how social is this  ?

well not very , there is not really a trading community here , and more pure copy trade

With regards to “social” interaction features, there’s currently no ability to interact with the Top Traders or other investors (e.g. no comments on the profile pages). The basic online help and FAQs are useful, while the telephone and e-mail support we received were responsive and knowledgeable.

There are occasional webinars and all customers also get free access to Sentiment-Trader real-time market analysis.


Review Summary:

So in summary, while there are certain some additional features ayondo can add to their social trading platform, overall their interface is fairly intuitive and easy to use. The number of top traders is not massive, but the numbers have been growing steadily and there are quite a few good ones you can follow. We believe the ayondo commission model should over time help ensure the great traders rise to the top and keep their trading style within acceptable risk levels. The fact that investors can try with a demo account first and start with a very small investment should also help with minimising their overall risk.

ayondo review Pros:

  • Low investment entry cost (from 100 $, Euro or £)
  • Easy sign-up with integrated broker solution (ayondo markets)
  • Low slippage
  • Top Trader’s commission is based on their performance AND on their risk management approach
  • Some good quality/low risk Top Traders to follow
  • Wide range of instruments can be traded
  • Fully functioning demo account available to try
  • Client deposits protected up to £500,000
  • Automated risk management (proportional to the trader)


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