FTG Markets Forex Broker Review.

FTG Markets website

FTG Markets Forex Broker Review.

Throughout the last half year we have seen a massive increase of Forex and CFD brokers and thus, we decided to check out some of them. Our eye fell on FTG Markets this time.

Although the name might be new to you, FTG Markets has actually quite a history in the world of trading. Throughout the last 8 years FTG Markets was very busy in the world of corporate asset management and managed portfolios of mid to big sized companies.

We considered it actually quiet special that despite the big success achieved in the world of corporate asset management, FTG Markets now opened its doors to the retail trader's world meaning now anybody can open an account with them and start trading.

Looking a bit deeper into their product, we immediate discovered some huge difference compared to the standard brokerages available.

  1. The FTG Markets website

FTG Markets obviously studied the market before jumping into the FX world but surprisingly decided to do things in a different way.

Their site is investment house orientated and feels as if you arrived in a warm and family orientated environment.

It will not show you the pictures of platforms or scream that they offer a 100% bonus as many brokerages do but honestly said, that change gave us a comfortable feeling when looking critically at their site. Of course, you can register, download their platform or use their personalized investment plan.

(Which is rather genius btw considering the fact it will use your details entered such as age and income in order to provide you with a suggested portfolio)

Besides the above, it provides transparency and reveals FTG Markets' strategy….which is extremely service orientated.

  1. FTG Markets Account options

FTG Markets offer you 4 different account types such as many brokers do. Their spreads are attractive and in case of larger trading volume can be adjusted. All their account types offer top level assistance and additional options. We could not really find anything awkward in here.

FTG Markets offers a variety of investment channels to uniquely correspond to each investor’s needs and abilities.




Designed for beginners and new investors. Suited for moderate investors. Electronic Communication Network. Net worth development designed for serious investors, groups and corporations.
Spreads from 3.3 pips Spreads from 2.2 pips Instant execution Instant execution
Leverage 400:1 Leverage 400:1 Spreads from 3.3 pips Spreads from 0.3 pips
All Available Platforms Personal Fund Manager Leverage 400:1 Leverage 400:1
Access to All Education Tools Access to All Education Tools Personal Fund Manager
All Available Platforms Personal Fund Manager Access to All Education Tools
Technical Analysis Reports Technical Analysis Reports
All Available Platforms All Available Platforms
Market Update Emails
  1. FTG Markets offered Asets for trading

With a wide range of financial Instruments that you are able to trade with this broker we are sure you will be able to find the pairs you are looking for.

  1. 56 major and exotic currency Pairs -  -  commission 7 per lot , leverage 1:200
  2. 80 stocks -  all the main ones worldwide -  with a leverage of 1:50 spreads is different for  the ECN and Grand Portfolio.
  3. Not a huge amount of commodities (3) and indices (12) but the main ones are there for leverage trading 1:50

cryptocurrencies. the offer trading in Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple, Litecoin and Dash

 Cryptocurrencies spreads

Symbol Spread Commission Min Position Leverage
ETH/USD 21 ~ $7 per lot 0.01 1:10
BTC/USD 19 ~ $7 per lot 0.01 1:10
LTC/USD 10 ~ $7 per lot 0.01 1:10
DSH/USD 10 ~ $7 per lot 0.01 1:10
XRP/USD 10 ~ $7 per lot 0.01 1:10

Here you will find that Transparency is Key and everything is very clear and available, something that tends to e overlooked by many brokers.

  1. FTG Markets Trading Platform

FTG Markets acquired a Metatrader 4 license and this seems the right choice. As many of you might know, Metatrader 4 is the leading and award winning platform in the industry and offers a nice variety of tradable assets such as we expected. It allows EA's and numerous other options.

Additionally, the junior asset brokers are not afraid to help you properly throughout the account opening and platform downloading process. Additionally, they can provide you with a nice tour on the platform.

Honestly spoken, this surprised us as well as based on the many calls we made to brokers to test them, it turned out many of their employees were not capable of fully explaining the possibilities of the MT4 platform.


  1. FTG Markets Depositing and withdrawing funds

Looking at the depositing options, FTG Markets allows account funding to be done by use of the major credit card providers such as VISA and MasterCard. Bank Wire options are also available but the details of their accounts are not to be found on the site itself.

As they didn’t open their doors not too long ago, the major variety of for example APM's (Alternative Payment Methods) such as Neteller or others is still not available but we were advised this is in development. As so, a larger variety of depositing options should be available on short term.


  1. FTG Markets Service and overall opinion.

As said, FTG Markets is taking things seriously when it comes to customer service. They are outstanding when it comes to customer care and (as the junior asset manager we spoke to) won't leave any soldier behind.

This attitude clearly shows they have been active in the field previously and based on our thoughts, might be the key to their success.

We firmly believe that customer care these days is vital and is the leading way to ensure the client a proper trading environment.

So, would we recommend this broker? YES!!!!

If you have enough from the regular brokers and really would like to feel at home in an environment where the human aspect is still living….then there is no reason for not joining them.

They provide a solid product, seriously good service and went for the boutique approach instead of the mainstream way. Actually we enjoyed their focus on clients that much that we must admit FTG Markets is something special….so HIGHLY recommended!


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