Legacy FX Signals Review

LegacyFX Signals Review


Legacy FX Daily signal recommendations

Legacy FX Signals recommendations are one of the cornerstone features of this broker.

Their recommendations make sure that you're able to make money from the get go.

They have a team of professionals that through performing technical and fundamental analysis can create trustworthy and quality signals.

These signals are delivered daily and are recommendations for trading on currencies. Stocks commodities and Indices.

Legacy FX special Features

Legacy FX Social trading.

Social trading has been around now for a couple of years and is steadily growing every year with new traders entering through this type of trading. It's a perfect way, and very rewarding method for new traders to start trading in the financial market. Legacy FX has one large big network.

Through this network you able to see the trades of other traders. And assess their skill level and quality of trades. This will allow you then to copy this traders actions. You're able to copy that other traders actions with just one click. You select only the traders that you think that are professional enough. And you're able to make profits without actually knowing how to trade yourself. It's very easy and fast way into the industry.

New Traders find that. Since most of them are very familiar with social media,  the learning curve for social trading is very, very low.  It's intuitive, it's playful. While at the same time very informative.

Legacy FX Education

You are able to determine, from the features that are written above, that legacy FX cares about trading education.

They understand that without the proper education, you not able to trade correctly. Like most other brokers they earn their money on the spread. In order to receive to spread you need to keep on trading so they care about trading volume.

They also understand that are successful trader will generate a larger trading volume. Then someone he loses his money in 3 positions.

When you open a real account with legacy FX. You will receive access to webinars, videos an entire course that will tell you and teach you how to trade.

In addition you personal account manager will take you step by step through the process of becoming a profitable trader. you also will receive an E book. That will tell you everything you need to know about trading.

Today, there is just too much information, too much information for any new trader to actually understand what to focus on and what not. Legacy FX cut through the b******t and basically straight away gives you only the information that you actually really need.


Legacy FX Trading Platforms

Legacy FX offers a wide range of trading platforms to their clients. These platforms are basically 2 main platforms and their versions for the mobile, desktop and web

They have the:

  1. metatrader 4
  2. Sirix Trading Platform

For trading platform is the most used trading platform in the retail training industry today and has been so for the last couple of years. There simply is not an alternative that even comes close. This is partly because they have the ability to upload expert Advisors and special charting. So third party applications in that enhances this platform.

The metatrader 4 can also be very intimidating for new traders. This is not a platform they want to start, and many are looking for an alternative that is little bit less daunting.

The next best trading platform in alternative to the Meta Trader, 4, is the Sirix trading platform.

This is the platform that also offers the social trading solution is extremely intuitive and very easy to understand. The Sirix trading platform offers pretty much the same solutions and tools as Meta Trader 4, only through a much more comfortable interface. However, the support community and developers have as yet not adopted this system as thoroughly as they have with Metatrader 4.

In short, regardless of your level of trading LegacyFX is able to offer you the trading experience you are looking for.

 Legacy FX Trading Platforms

Legacy FX Accounts

this broker offers different accounts for different types of traders,

besides these 3 main accounts you are also able to open an Islamic account

Legacy FX Accounts 

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