Quantum Binary Signals is one of the most known premium signal providers for the Binary Option traders

Up to 3 quality trades a day sent to your mobile & email.

75-85% monthly success rate, No experience required

Hedge funds traders with 20 years of experience

Quantum Binary Signals is a signals service focused on binary options trading.

This company is owned by a retired hedge fund manager who has been trading on the highest level for over 20 years.

They operate in the format of sending, 3 to 5 signals a day to the mobile phone of the trader that has opened an account with them.

The trader then has the choice to act upon this signal or not by manually entering the signal in his or hers trading platform.

Visit the official Website , click here

The trades for which you receive the signals, are based on the Up/Down or Call/Put binary options contract. This is the most basic one allowing every trader regardless of their level to use them.

The trader selects UP or BUY where the signal is sent based on an outcome in which the asset closes the trade at a price higher than when the trade was executed, and LOW or SELL if the signal predicts that the asset will end the trade lower than when the trade commenced.

It is Important to enter this signal into your trading platform as soon as possible the moment you receive the SMS

Costs of signing up to Quantum Binary Signals

their website shows that there has been some though given to setting up this company and the sites provides with the information you need to make the decision to at least try the Trial.

since they have another service which is called the auto trading


After your 7 days trial expires, you will be charged $99.99 a month for Quantum Binary Signals

You can cancel anytime during the 7 days trial!


Since the signals are delivered to your mobile the trader might not always be in the position to actually act upon the signal and open the trade accordingly. Since today’s traders in general do have smart phones and most brokers have a full service mobile trading application it should not be a huge issue. still for those that are not available all the time, let say doctors for example, they have come with a solution

Quantum Binary Signals have introduced a service called Quantum Auto Trader.

This service will use a robot that will trade automatically for you on the signals provided by the service. This is full auto pilot so we always suggest some caution with these systems

The steps to set this up are simple.

You connect the auto trader to your trading account, and then select the amount the bot is allowed to trade. The rest will then be done automatically.

Keep in mind the system just provides a few trades a day so it will not happen that you check in after a long day and see that your entire equity has been eaten by the signals bot.


YOU NEED TO SIGN UP WITH AN ACCOUNT OF THEIR PREFERRED BROKER.  i am not sure which brokers the service is pushing now , bets is to check with them directly and see if you already have an account with broker, as in that case you get the auto trader for free

Visit the official Website , click here

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