UBCFX Review | Broker with Free Quality Signals

UBCFX free signals

UBCFX Review | Broker with free Quality Signals


UBCFX forex signals

  • Name :UBCFX
  • Website :www.UBCFX.com
  • Established :2017
  • Regulation :None
  • Country : Estonia
  • U.S. Clients Allowed :No
  • Free Signals: Yes for all clients


UBCFX review | free forex signals | Visit website




UBCFX Free forex signals

UBCFX provides to all its clients regardless of the account type or account size free trading signals for them to use.

These Free Forex Trading Signals are developed by professional market analysts that on a daily basis if the market so allows it will send a few UBCFX signals to its traders.

these signals or trading recommendations will simply state the instruments for which the trade /  signal is means and if the traders needs to buy or sell,  on many occasion a take profit and/or stop loss s added as well.

for me these signals worked well, not all of them were perfect and hits but more panned out then not. i also used additional third party signal  service that allowed me to check if these signals were valid. Normally receiving trading signals like this will cost already easily $100 per month now with UBCFX you receive them for free.



UBCFX  Trading education

the education part of thir website is adequate but not more then that they have the following

Video Tutorials

You cannot trade forex without the basic knowledge of what trading actually means and how it is done . they  provided their traders with the most simple and comprehensive free video tutorials to introduce you in the right way to trading the financial industries. these videos cover most of the basic but we feel you could require some additional education. in my opinion when trading you can never know too much or are finished learning .

Free Webinars

To keep up with the ever changing financial market and the new players in the arena, UBCFX routinely conducts live webinars on different subjects, relevant to the finance market and its trends, given by industry professionals. You will be able to actively participate with the other attendees and the instructor and to ask questions via chat .


Download educational eBooks for free with UBCFX and learn about forex, stocks, indices and more. Our eBooks are suitable for all traders regardless of their level of experience.

UBCFX review | free forex signals | Visit website

 Trading Platforms of UBCFX

4 different trading platforms

  1. UBCFX Sirix Web Trader
  2. UBCFX Sirix Mobile Trader
  3. UBCFX Sirix Station
  4. Activ8 WebTrader

all of these platforms are intuitive and easy to use, the last one the Activ8 WebTrader is really made with the today's design requirements in mind. this fresh looking trading platform will have for most traders almost no learning curve and will be a lug and play system.

UBCFX Sirix advantages  ( webtrader, Mobile, Station)

  • It does not need PC installation. It also comes in mobile and tablet version, so those who live in fast-paced day job should be able to conveniently use UBCFX  SIRIX to trade.
  • It integrates economic calendar and newsfeed. Economic calendar and newsfeed in forex trading platform is especially nice because traders might not have to keep another desktop open or repeatedly close platform windows in order to check up on to the latest news.
  • Social trading system, Trading Central analysis, and SIRIX Store are all easily accessible within the Forex trading platform. SIRIX effectively shorten the twists and turns we need to take in order to join a certain social trading system. If you are a copy trading fan, then SIRIX iis an easy choice

UBCFX Signals trading on the UBCFX webtrader Sirix



ACTIV8 Webtrader advantages

ACTIV8 Webtrader is the easiest platform which enable you to trade from any computer, whether a laptop or desktop, because it works on the browser without downloading any program, and is characterized by its ease of use and the speed of execution.

Advantages of trading on the Activ8 Webtrader Platform:

  •  Trading on the browser without installing any program
  •  One-touch trading
  •  Viewing news and real prices directly
  •  Displaying simplified graphs
  •  Executing and modifying commands flexibly and fast


UBCFX Activ8

UBCFX Activ8



it is worth checking this broker out and see if this is the broke for you , their set up and operation shows they know what they are doing and are in it for the long haul.

their signals are a selling point and the different platform you are able to trade on only makes this broker sweeter. i am currently trading on the demo to further test them but till now for the last 2 weeks , every query was promptly answered

UBCFX review | free forex signals | Visit website

Forex broker with free signal service
Service Type
Forex broker with free signal service
Provider Name
Roosikrantsi tn,2-K449 Tallinn,Kesklinna linnaosa Estonia-10119,
Telephone No. +353 76 6803525
Most of the World
UBCFX is a fresh broker that offers on multiple trading platforms free trading signals to all their clients with daily market updates and much more

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